Funeral Memorials, Gravestones, Granite memorials, Raldolph NJ

Funeral Memorials, Raldolph NJ

slide-001Planning and choosing funeral memorials can be a difficult and heart-tugging decision. Memorializing someone’s passing are sometimes dictated by the deceased or left to the loved ones. Regardless of who chooses the memorial, it should always be a personal tribute. These tributes might be in the form of a simple gravestone or tombstone, granite, or some hardy metal. In addition, it should be made of something durable to be a fitting reminder to family and friends about the person and his good qualities. The process of planning a funeral is an important event to help the bereaved loved ones deal with the loss. In the creation of the memorial, Sperry’s Monuments is always there to let the family decide the final outcome. The company will be there to help guide you with your final choice of a memorial that will be remembered. From the gravestones or whatever marker you want, the materials and the costs are all done according to your desires.

Flat Bronze Markers, Raldolph NJ

100_1416For a marker, metal can give that natural style and beauty that is craved by all to represent longevity, stability and strength. However, there are thousands and thousands of available bronze marker styles that you and the family can choose from. With the permanence that bronze metal imbue on your loved one’s final resting place, you definitely want the best. However, the choices regarding styles, colors, and costs, including the base placements and other details can be dizzyingly difficult. Sperry’s Monuments can create the perfect custom metal signs for your needs. The design will highlight the permanence of the cast bronze marker and will enhance the design versatility of the etching process (should you also choose that option) to bring about an architectural sign that will be perfect for the occasion. We will be there to guide you in your choices of the manufacturing process, the size, the design, the mounting technique, and bring your own ideas should you have more.


Granite Memorials, Raldolph NJ

slide01Sperry’s Monuments is with you all the way when you create your enduring tribute to your loved one through the beauty and the timeless quality of granite. Every granite memorial that we do is always unique inn tone, texture and color that mirrors the unique qualities of your loved one that you want people and friends to remember for as long as possible. We have one of the most extensive collection of carving designs and granite colors that you will feast on when you do the choosing. There is granite for every taste, preferences, and budget that are all designed to the highest standards of specifications in quality and craftsmanship. Our highly-skilled artists will carve and sketch directly on the granite surface the portraits and emblems of your choice for the memorial that will personalize it. Celebrate life and beauty forever etched into granite for your loved one. We will guide you to the intricate process to get exactly what you want.

Pet Markers, Raldolph NJ

slide07Nothing can forever replace your pet and the love they give you. When they pass on, nothing carves their memories better than the pet memorial you will prepare and erect for them. Sperry’s Monuments have one of the largest selections of pet memorial products that will fit suitably on your pet headstones and memorial rocks. We also have a good-sized selection of pet urns for the cremated ashes of your pets, should you want it. The selections of items to memorialize your favorite pet does not end there as we also have a wide selection of choices in pet memorials, markers, even including pendants in jewelries where you could keep a bit of your pet’s ashes to carry around with you wherever you are. You can have them live forever in stone or metal etchings to adorn their resting places with how they look when they were alive and full of verve and vitality.

Hand Etching, Raldolph NJ

100_1346When it comes to artistic diamond etching and hand-etched portraits, Sperry’s Monuments is known through word of mouth from satisfied clients. The portraits are classic and elegant, and the hand-etched memorial images are as realistic as they are. For perfect mounting onto headstones, these portraits are incomparable. There is a world of difference when you see our hand diamond-etched images compared to purely machine-etched ones. You can see how they can be shallow in these laser etchings as compared to the impact done by human hands. The overall results can be seen when you will notice that hand diamond etched images are superior in looks and have more life-like qualities than machine made products. With specialized diamond-plated tools paired with our skilled master craftsmen, the image will come to life one dot at a time. With better quality photos used, the better the portraits will come out in the etchings you will use for life on a headstone.


Sandblasting, Raldolph NJ

DSC_6689Basically, sandblasting is the general term used in describing the act of propelling very fine bits of material (originally using sand, hence the name) at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface. Today, there are several powdered materials that do the job just as good. Today, sandblasting is another new art developed in etching designs on surfaces that are hard to etch (glass, metals, stones). This is aside from the regular use of sandblasting in cleaning a surface through the use of blasting sand (or other abrasive materials) to scour away surfaces. Sand had been the usual material used in the process, although this had been replaced by other materials these days. The change of material had been precipitated with the rise in the lung disease silicosis caused by inhalation and accumulation of fine particles of sand in the lungs of the user. Sperry’s Monuments carefully regulate and control their sandblasting activities when clients order sandblasted stones to use as markers on the graves of their loved one. The artwork is superior and the costs are competitive, and we can guide you again on the artwork choices that you will make.

Final Inscriptions in Cemetery, Raldolph NJ

img-DSC_6694Sperry’s Monuments usually have this service done on a gravestone after the burial ceremonies are finished. This maybe a simple final action done on tombs but it is by no means less important than the rest of the previous ceremony. This is the time when the inscription to be done is the final date, the date of death of the deceased entombed. Quotes for the service are competitive enough since these are usually done by free-lance tombstone inscription artisans. The usual contents are the birth date and the date of death of the deceased as attested to by the immediate family members who must confirm the veracity of the facts that will be written on stone. Others include epitaphs, either a favorite of the deceased or an appropriate one as selected by the relatives. The selection is the last and final tribute to the deceased as it will show to the world his character and his persona through the writing on his tomb.


In-House Drafting, Raldolph NJ

slide08Drafting as an art and plied in commerce is one unique American style: supreme art value, high quality product, and the favorite of all, affordable cost. Sperry’s Monuments has carried the tradition of the drafting artistry and workmanship of its company craftsmen and bring it to their clients the highest standard of their products to get what they exactly wanted, and exactly when they wanted it. We can help you big time meeting your own crucial deadlines, in reducing the overhead costs as well as the other incidentals, and give you a finished product that will ensure all of your drafting needs are met. The secret is that with us, you shall deal directly with the artisans with no middling middlemen taking unnecessary cuts into the budget. The result is a fine artisan work that is just right for its price and delivered in time – with no delays in- between the excursions with the middleman.

Outdoor Civic Memorials, Raldolph NJ

img-001-DSC_6688At Sperry’s Monuments, outdoor civic memorial is one specialty we really take to heart. We take pride in the design, the experience of our craftsmen, and the dedication we put into each project. Our work had been a subject of general appreciation among our previous clients in the community at large as well as in many civic, religious, and military organizations, including some corporations all over the country. The size and scope of your memorial project is taken to represent your memory of the deceased and we match that with our renowned professionalism in all aspects of the project – design, construction, and finishing. We can create your outdoor civic memorial following the last details of your specifications. There will be no compromises either on the workmanship and the materials where the finest is always the standard. As guarantee, we have the right warranties on everything that we do. This is our sing of commitment to the excellence and the overall quality of our work.

Yard Memorials, Raldolph NJ

slide02Sperry’s Monuments can make your yard markers a beautiful addition to your outdoor landscape. We strive to guide you as you add value and curb appeal to your home. We have so many beautiful ways to brighten up your front porch or backyard with the right furniture and other decorative accents that will make it into an interesting conversation piece with your friends and to those who will see it. We can also make your yard markers into a great solution to memorialize your favorite pet who passed on. It could make your yard perk up and still be a big part in memorializing your pet. Costs are usually minimal while the finished project can make it look expensive and classy as well. These garden memorials and markers all have weather-resistant finishes that can last for years. The samples we have include cast aluminum, river stones and hand-cast stones. The floral ands silk memorials are as classy as they look.

Gravestones, Raldolph NJ

testimonials-DSC_6659Gravestones and memorials are two specializations Sperry’s Monuments is quite known. The secret is in the materials used (your choices of markers made of stones, metals, granite, bronze) and the professional craftsmanship that go with it. The materials have been pre-selected to give our clients only the best that they select once more to fit whatever tribute or thematic directions they want for their tribute. But the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship do not end there and made our name known. One of the best qualifiers is the cost of these that stand out as well. There is a thin line between quality and reasonable cost and we want our clients to eNJ oy whatever savings they can get in their hour of bereavement. Where others want to make a quick buck and be done with it, ours is a long-term commitment to our clients. Gravestones are slated to last forever. We want our relationship with our clients to be forever as well, if possible.




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